Do you want –

To deepen your yoga practice?
To be part of a supportive group and make lasting friendships?
To extend your yoga practice off your mat and into your life?
To share your passion for yoga with others by learning to teach?

Our Philosophy
We focus on teaching participants how to live the 8 limbs of yoga. Because we believe that when you know how to live them, you are equipped to teach them to others.

What will you learn?
HeartWork Teacher Training is so much more than just learning to practice and teach yoga poses. Our program currently includes instruction and workshops on:

  • Sanskrit terms
  • Yoga history
  • Physical anatomy
  • Different styles of yoga
  • Meditation and breathwork
  • Chakras and subtle energy
  • Ayurveda
  • Chanting
  • The business of yoga…and much more!

In addition –
During the school year course, from September-May, you are able to participate in unlimited yoga for $29 / month


Now is the time – Register today!
Click the button to be directed to our registration page.  There you can register online, or download our registration form.


Upcoming Session Dates and Pricing Options

Payment Options

Different payment options are available, and the price differs based on which one you select.

  • Base cost of program*: $2890.
  • Deposit: $400 (does count toward the base cost).
  • Pay in full by the first day of class and receive a $200 discount.
  • Payment plans available:
    • Summer payment plan: five installments (May, June, July, August & September) of $498.00 (after the $400 deposit)
    • School year payment plan: eight installments of $311.25 (after the $400 deposit)

*The cost of books is not included in the base cost. Books are to be purchased separately by the student. A list of books is given upon registration.

School Year 2018 – 2019

2018-2019  School Year Teacher Training meets eight weekends : (Friday nights, full days Saturday, and part of Sundays) throughout the school year as follows:

September 28 – 30
October 26 – 28
November 30 – Dec 2

January 4 – 6
February 1 – 3
March 1 -13
April 12 – 14
May 3 -5

Summer 2018

2018 Summer Intensive Teacher Training meets for three Wednesday-Sunday sessions (generally 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., with shorter days on Fridays & Sundays), as follows:

June  20 – 24, 2018
July  18 – 22, 2018
August  15 – 19, 2018

Our Teachers

Amy Shonka, Program Director

Shawnee Langworthy

Katie Felland

Elizabeth Child

Daisy Christopherson

Testimonials from Graduates of our Program

This was a life changing experience. I learned more about myself in this teacher training than I have with other opportunities that have come to me. Great staff, new friends, fresh start to my new way of life. I have so much gratitude for the things I have learned.

J.H., Minnesota

I googled and I found it. But it wasn’t until I completed the program that I truly knew what a treasure I had found. The HeartWork Training program gave me new life, new friends and a new beginning. What a loving and knowledgeable group the staff are! I would recommend this program to anyone that is considering adding new breath to their life.

-Lynn H., Iowa

This program really was a life changer. It helped me to understand why I have chosen yoga to help me in all aspects of my life and why I want to be who I want to be. By giving me the necessary tools to become my best self, I am leaving with the confidence to believe that I can reach that. Thank you.

– J., New York

I came out of this with such a wealth of knowledge, not only about yoga but about myself as well. The teachers are very informative and made me feel comfortable enough to really open up and continue my journey of self-study.

-Cory T.,  Minnesota

I came to the program wanting to gain teaching as a practical life skill. Practicing for 6 years, I know that yoga had helped me through a lot and I wanted to be able to share this with others. Not only did I learn how to teach, but how to live my life more yogically. Already I feel a greater sense of self-awareness both on and off the mat. I am so grateful that I invested in this experience at a young age.

-Anda, Texas

Questions about our program? Contact us here or email