∞ – suitable for all levels


Beginning yoga classes teach you the basics of yoga poses, yoga breathing, and initial stress reduction. Students generally see an increase in flexibility and strength in this level of yoga. If you are new to yoga, this is where to start.


These classes are meant to move slowly to gently calm your body and mind. Poses are easy to modify and can be practiced by beginners and more advanced students alike. ∞


This class is consists mostly of seated and reclining movements. Each pose is held for 1 – 4 minutes to give time to allow your muscles to stretch. This style of yoga is good for beginners up through advanced yoga students.  ∞


Ready for a different kind of workout? Set to upbeat music, Barre combines exercises that focus on isometric strength training, with high reps of small range-of-motion movements to create long, lean, sculpted muscles. Bring a yoga mat. (Not a Yoga Class)


This class starts you in a calm, relaxed place,  then warms you up into some slow sun salutations. Expect to stretch and work your muscles and calm your mind. Some yoga experience recommended.


Learn to link your breath to movements as you flow through pose to pose. Expect to build strength, increase flexibility, and decrease your feelings of stress through this class. Great for intermediate and advanced yogis.


Here is the perfect class if mobility is an issue for you. All ages and abilities are welcome to practice in this class. It works especially well if you have a hard time getting down to the floor, if you have any replaced joints, or just want to easily modify your yoga practice.  ∞